so we just updated our facebook!

yup finally got our lazy asses moving and heres a little preview





do check out our facebook page for more and don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment today!!!!!

Galaxy Tattoo 2

Tattoo Taboo

People always have this concept that people with tattoos are crazy, dangerous, criminals, drug addicts and all the negative traits..

Well to be honest, we’re not crazy! we just know how to have fun!


We too try to give our kids the best and we love them as much as any normal looking parents too.




Did i mentioned that our studio is children friendly??? so don’t let our appearances fool you! we can be the nicer than most of the people you meet with no tattoos.


On another note, you can get a yourself a Galaxy Tattoo Tee for SGD40 for (S,M,L) and SGD45 for (XL, XXL)..  Altering service avaliable for SGD5! Yup you can actually get them for your little ones too!  So Come and get one or more for yourself and love ones now!!!! 


So here’s our first baby of Betrayal clothings!!!!


How can you not love this? It’s got best of the both worlds, cat and skull!!!

The boss man is wearing M and Jaroslaw is wearing L.

Avaliable in 2 colours (dark grey and grayish white)  and 5 sizes – S, M, L  (SGD40) , XL, XXL  (SGD45)!!!

Swing by the studio today to get yours!!! Dont worry if you’re not based in Singapore, We do international shipping too!!!

$150 walk in week

We’ll be doing a $150 palm size tattoo promo on the last week of May ‘ 15 (25th to 30th)!!

Swing by the studio anytime after 12pm on those days to get something you want (palm size) for just $150! Our artists will also have some flash for you folks to choose from too!!! Stay tune for more updates!!! First come first serve basis.

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Pain, Dedication and Passion

So some of you might have seen all these pictures before on our facebook page but i guess it’s just nice to share these amazing pictures taken by our friend, Steven, again!

BUTT first… let’s go with a group pic…

Without dedication and passion, one won’t be able to sit for hours of pain.

dragon and tiger for his sons


dude first tattoo! go big or go home!

started with the yellow koi…

still in progress

cover up on the top left hand

dragon bodysuit

in progress still

started more than 10yrs ago

major cover up

still in progress

cover up on the top part

close up of the foo dog

snake and tibetan mask

up close of the snake

shall leave you guys with just the back pieces/body suit for this post! stay tuned for the next post for more pictures