Tattoo Taboo

People always have this concept that people with tattoos are crazy, dangerous, criminals, drug addicts and all the negative traits..

Well to be honest, we’re not crazy! we just know how to have fun!


We too try to give our kids the best and we love them as much as any normal looking parents too.




Did i mentioned that our studio is children friendly??? so don’t let our appearances fool you! we can be the nicer than most of the people you meet with no tattoos.


On another note, you can get a yourself a Galaxy Tattoo Tee for SGD40 for (S,M,L) and SGD45 for (XL, XXL)..  Altering service avaliable for SGD5! Yup you can actually get them for your little ones too!  So Come and get one or more for yourself and love ones now!!!! 

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